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Advent - Hope for Lebanon

As we walk into the Advent season, we will reflect on a different theme each week. For the first week of Advent, we invite you and your church to remember our brothers and sisters in Lebanon. Light a candle and pray for hope for Lebanon.

You are welcome to use the written prayer enclosed with this post — Prayer of Hope for Lebanon

Also, watch the presentation of Wissam Nasrallah from the LSESD (Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development) at the EBF Council in Amsterdam. He shared about the current situation and their works in the midst of challenges.

Lebanon is in a state of unprecedented social upheaval. A catastrophic economic collapse, coupled with the adverse impact of COVID-19, has propelled people and institutions across the country into a desperate state of survival. No sphere of society has been left unaffected, including the education sector.

EBF appeals to our EBF member Unions to support the Beirut Baptist School (BBS) that, in the name of Christ, is ministering to children and their families in Lebanon, torn apart by many catastrophes.


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