EBF Council

We gather together to share information and renew our friendships

Discerning God's Future Together

The EBF Council which meets annually in September of each year is the main decision-making body for the EBF. The Council is made up of representatives of the Unions, IBTS Centre, additional members, and certain partner mission organisations.


It usually numbers between 120-130 delegates and its meetings are also a time for worship, inspiration and informal sharing and renewing of friendship between members.


Council 2022

Preliminary dates for the next EBF Council: 21-24 September 2022.


Location will be announced closer to the date.

EBF Council 2021 group photo small.JPG

EBF Council 2021, Amsterdam


2021  Amsterdam, Netherlands

2020  Online

2019  Glasgow, Scotland

2018  Lviv, Ukraine

2017  Yerevan, Armenia

2016  Tallinn, Estonia

2015  Sofia, Bulgaria

2014  Bucharest, Romania

2013  Bratislava, Slovakia

2012  Elstal, Germany

2011  Nazareth, Israel

2010  Rome, Italy

2008  Lisbon, Portugal

2007  Budapest, Hungary

2006  Lyon, France

2005  Prague, Czech Republic