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Bringing Our Gifts

Bringing Our Gifts: Songs and Hymns from Baptist Communities in Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia.

Isn’t it great to be able to sing together as one voice? And such singing is at its best when it includes music from different parts of the world, rather than just one or two dominant cultures. Each language, each country has a unique contribution to make, new emphases to bring, and thus to enrich our common faith and discipleship.

For a number of years now, we have been encouraging our churches and national unions to treasure and celebrate their homegrown songs and hymns, and share them with others. This is why our EBF Songbook Project was born, titled Bringing Our Gifts: Songs and Hymns from Baptist Communities in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

So far, we have received contributions from over twenty nations or languages. These have all been translated into English, and hopefully in the future may be translated into various other languages. We are delighted to offer this first iteration of Bringing Our Gifts. It is a living project which we hope will continue growing – new contributions are welcome! But what we already have, we’d like to offer to the EBF community and beyond, trusting that it will also inspire others to consider offering their own music as a gift to be shared with others.

Translations of the existing EBF Songbook contributions into other languages are welcome and encouraged — but we would kindly ask you to let us know that a translation has been made, and send us the translated text/other relevant information by using the 'Submit' button below.

Project Editors:  Lina Toth and Tony Peck

Music Editor: Guilherme Almeida


All Songs

Bringing your Songs?

We are continuing to seek contributions for a collection of songs and hymns born in different EBF communities and are calling for the help of those in our Unions interested in the exchange of musical gifts.



  • Both old and new songs are welcome.

  • Contributions must be suitable for congregational singing and already being sung in one or more of our Baptist churches.

  • The lyrics must be sent in the original language, with translation into English (at least a literal translation).

  • The music sheet must include at least the melody part, although four-part music and cords would be appreciated.

  • The authors of the words and music, if known, should be identified, alongside the country they come from.

  • Old hymns that are widely used but the authorship of which cannot be established may be accepted. If you believe the piece originates from your country, please add a brief description of its spread and any other helpful information.

  • Contributions must not be bound by copyright unless permission is granted, and if submitted by someone other than the author, there should be a confirmation of the author's permission to use them for this project.

  • Electronic submissions are preferred.


To submit or for further information click here

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