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O Fill the Temple of My Life (Romania)

This haunting contemporary song from Romania reflects the costly yet deeply joyful path of following God’s will and the life of worship.

Words and Music: Anca Ciora

English adapt: Susan Strohschein

Country: Romania

Language: Romanian


  1. O fill the temple of my life with your glory shining. And burn away all sin and strife, bring holy fire's refining. So, pure and holy, humble, kind, I'll follow in your path, O Lord, and carry in humility the burden of your glory.

  2. What joy to know the Holy One Dwells in His creation. This tent of clay knows mystery: Eternal now abiding. My heart I give, o dearest Lord, To be your holy temple. And may its sole adornments be My tears and holy praises.

O Fill the Temple of My Life (Romania)
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