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EBF Appeals: Hope for Lebanon and Ukraine

European Baptist Federation (EBF) invites its member bodies to help our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and Lebanon. Both countries need our prayers and financial support to extend God’s Kingdom to the most vulnerable.

Lebanon Lebanon is in a state of unprecedented social upheaval. A catastrophic economic collapse, coupled with the adverse impact of COVID-19, has propelled people and institutions across the country into a desperate state of survival. No sphere of society has been left unaffected, including the education sector.

We appeal to our EBF member Unions to support the Beirut Baptist School (BBS) that, in the name of Christ, is ministering to children and their families in Lebanon, torn apart by many catastrophes.

2021 EBF Appeal1 LEBANON
Download PDF • 269KB


The people of East Ukraine have been suffering from the military conflict there since 2014. Although the situation is no longer in the international news, some people die in this conflict each week, and the economy is severely affected.

As winter approaches, the need in this region is urgent. We appeal to our EBF member Unions to give as generously as they can so that in the name of Christ, something can be done to relieve the suffering of the people in this region.

2021 EBF Appeal2 UKRAINE
Download PDF • 276KB


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