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Prayer Calendar | Belarus

15 February - 21 February, 2021

  • Thankful for His protection and blessings in 2020. Our Lord is good, and we’d like to trust Him and follow Him in 2021.

  • Pray for His church in Belarus and other countries, and in February we especially pray for unity in churches and among the churches.

  • Pray for peace in our country, as well as for protection from evil and diseases.

  • Pray for religious freedom as we still have some limitations and for the registration of churches in Minsk and some other areas.

  • Pray for our new department working among teenagers (and conference for teenagers in April 2-4) and also for the department for Prison Ministry.

  • Pray for ministry among families and special conference for family ministers and families (February 18-20).

  • Thankful for Jesus Christ and salvation, and pray for the people who have heard of the Lord in Christmas time, through social ministry, personal evangelism, etc. We hope our nation will seek the Lord and His will.


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