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Prayer Calendar | Belarus

14 February - 20 February 2022

  • Pray for enough courage and boldness to speak God's word witness Christ.

  • Pray for the mission works and the Mission's Department of Belarus Baptist Union and pray for planting new churches in cities where churches do not exist yet.

  • Pray for unbelieving relatives so that God would call them and use them in the ministry of evangelism.

  • Pray for the prison ministry — for more opportunity to preach the Gospel in penitentiary institutions – prisons and jails.

  • Pray for the election of new ministers for the Belarus Baptist Union and the regional associations of churches. Belarus Baptist Union gathers a National Convention on March 26 of this year, where the leadership of Belarus Baptists will be re-elected/elected for the following four years.

  • Pray for the ministry among children, teenagers and young adults. And pray for the children's camp "Pearl" and the organisation and planning of the Youth Congress, which is scheduled for August 25-27, 2022.

  • Pray for the country's epidemiological, political and economic situation so that it would contribute to evangelism.


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