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Pray for EU elections 

In the coming week European Citizens will have the opportunity to cast their votes in the 10th elections of the European Parliament. This is a significant opportunity to take part in a democratic process which has the potential to shape and inform the future of Europe.

We share the concern of many of our Baptist Union leaders in the region that the rising populism and polarisation in society does not reflect Christian values nor the values on which the EU was created. With our brothers and sisters in the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe, we want to “stand together against all forms of extremism, racism, antisemitism and nationalism. Balancing interests, participation and peaceful coexistence across borders are important to us.” ( )

EBF was formed in 1950 as a Baptist contribution to the creation of peace in Europe and we remain committed to this goal. The challenges that we face to maintain hope and peace in the region are many: war, migration, creation stewardship, economic injustice, social inequality and the polarisation of right and left-wing politics.

Let us pray in advance of these elections for candidates who will commit themselves to seeking just and merciful solutions to Europe's challenges. Candidates who are willing to collaborate with others in the pursuit of peace and hope in the region. Candidates who will connect well with national parliaments to pursue collaborative responses to international issues.

We also asked some of our union leaders to share their thoughts and prayers concerning the elections. You can find the prayer requests from Germany and the Netherlands below.


🙏 Protection and Peace: 

Pray for the safety of all political candidates and activists, as we have witnessed a concerning rise in violence and polarization during this election period.

🙏 Democracy and Human Dignity: 

As the German Baptist Union recently affirmed in their Resolution for Democracy and Human Dignity, pray for the preservation and strengthening of democratic values and human dignity throughout Europe.

🙏Active Engagement: 

Pray for encouragement for our churches to be courageous and committed in their political actions and to stand up for human rights and religious freedoms. (We have two great role models from our ranks in Martin Luther King and Julius Köbner.)

We are reminded of Jesus' words in Matthew 5:13-16, calling us to be the salt and light in the world, shining through our good deeds to glorify God.


The political situation in the Netherlands is quite volatile. In the last Dutch elections Christian parties lost and are now very small (about 10% of the seats).

🙏Pray for Christian politicians whichever party or nationality they are, to influence the European and national politics in such a way that God will be pleased with that. And that voters may recognize those people to bring truth and righteousness to the European continent and beyond.


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