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Meet Cesar Sotomayor

We are delighted to announce that Cesar Sotomayor will be joining the EBF staff team in late Spring. Cesar will serve as our Church Planting Enabler giving leadership to our Mission Partnership Programme.

Cesar has experience planting cross-cultural churches in Austria among many of the migrant communities and has been engaged in international advocacy work. He is a passionate disciple of Jesus and loves engaging with God’s beautiful people.

We asked Cesar three questions so that you would get to know him a little better.

1. If someone made a movie about your life what would be the title? Why?

Movie title:

“... I have decided to love."  (MLKjr 1967)

In my life I have experienced God's love, grace and mercy in every possible way, but even in the midst of every hard and difficult situation, and having encounters and situations with people that hurt me or that I hurt, I had to decide how to react and live from now on, and that last part of Martin Luther King Jr's sentence in one of his messages in 1967 is the perfect title for that.

2. ⁠What is something that inspires you about EBF?

It inspires me that in the EBF family even though we are so different each woman and man representing a nation or an organization are filled with the Love of Jesus, are led by the Spirit and keep our “Baptist principles” alive.

3. What do you dream would happen in the area of church planting in the EBF region?

I dream that with strong unity of churches, partners and unions supporting the programme we will be sending and praying for passionate men and women in love with Jesus who are planting churches throughout the region as guided by the Holy Spirit.


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