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Jesus Christ, Our Blest Priest and Redeemer (Czechia)

Jan Hus (John Huss), a Bohemian church reformer, condemned and put to death by the Council of Constance, was a forerunner of the period of the sixteenth century Reformation.

Words: Master Jan Hus (1372 - 1415)

Music: Jistebnický kancionál (1420), harm. J Urbanec

English Words: Dorothy McMillan, 2020

Country: Czechia

Language: Czech


  1. Jesus Christ, our blest priest and redeemer, Father, Spirit, three in one God, You have blessed us with your kindness, by your mercy.

  2. You came down to this world, lived among us, On the cross you suffered for us, Suffered for us sinful Christians, By your mercy.

  3. Who can measure the depths of your goodness? Who can count your many mercies? You have given us great riches, By your mercy.

  4. At the cross you were standing in our place, Giving your life that we might live, You have conquered death forever, By your mercy.

  5. Christians, rise and give up all delusions, Let us see and feel God’s goodness, Let us cast ourselves on God's Son, On his mercy.

  6. Praise to God, whose great power is unfailing, To His Son who has the same pow’r, To His Spirit with that same pow’r, That same mercy.

Jesus Christ, Our Blest Priest and Redeemer (Czechia)
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