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Introducing Kadi

We are delighted that this week we have been able to add Kadi Tingas to our staff team as our Digital Network Developer. It has been a joy to spend time with her these last few days in Estonia preparing for the year ahead. But let us allow Kadi to introduce herself to you…

“Let me start with a short story. God has been leading my life since I was a teenager. Little did 15-year old Kadi know about the bigger Christian family she had stepped into when she gave her life to Jesus. Her dreams of working as a geologist studying lifeless rocks, would be turned into sharing life with people who are standing on The Rock.

I am passionate about the body of Christ and so far God has led me to work for the body of Christ in Estonia - helping to build up, encourage and equip those serving in our churches. I have been working for the Baptist Seminary for 7 years and for the Baptist Union Youth Ministry Department for 6 years. So far I have been involved in projects, event planning, administration, photography, social media, decorations, design and leading youth. I have developed a diverse set of skills, which I now hope can benefit the larger body of Christ in the EBF family.

I love creativity and how God is the ultimate source of that. He is the Creator and we are called to reflect that image. I feel there is much creativity that I can offer to EBF.”

Join our welcome and pray for Kadi as she starts her new ministry.


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