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Welcome back, Dana!

We have a new team member, who is actually not so new after all.  Alan explains and introduces:

“I am delighted to welcome Dana back to the EBF staff team, this time in a permanent capacity as our Operations Manager. Dana was central to the successful delivery of our SENT 2023 mission summit and brings a variety of experience from her time on a school management team, as a former General Secretary of the Lithuanian Baptist Union and as an organic farm owner. Dana speaks 4 languages and is our first fluent Ukrainian speaker on staff.”

We asked a few questions from Dana so that you'd get to know her too!

  • Tell us 3 funny facts about you.

  1. I can't sleep without socks. It is just something weird about me, I can't fall asleep barefoot, it's just too cold.

  2. Often people ask if I am a basketball player, which I'm not. I am not good at basketball, really.

  3. I enjoy tilling the walls.

  • Why do you keep coming back to EBF? What do you value about EBF?

There are things/events/people in one's life that serve as turning points. These may be points of revelation, healing, purpose and better awareness. EBF was there for me through its kind and loving people when I was in a difficult situation spiritually. More than that - I believe God stretched His arm to me through EBF and IBTS. I wish that through this new job, I could be a part of such turning points in other people's lives as that is what God does through EBF.

  • What are you most looking forward to working in the EBF team?

I hope to learn as much as I can from the wonderful Helle (she's like the super example to me) and I think it would be a pretty great start if I could manage to keep up the good work she did for so many years. I would also love to bring all my gifts to the table and see, maybe things could become even better.

We are excited and hope you are too. She'll start in her new role at the beginning of June. Until then say a warm welcome to her!


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