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Theology and COVID-19: Backgrounds and Reactions to Conspiracy Narratives

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24 September 2021 — Prof. Dr Michael Rohde

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Consultation: Political Tensions of Today and the Church: Exploring Baptist Engagement in Europe

Elstal, Germany, 20-22 November 2019

Consultation on Homosexuality

Smidstrup Strand, Denmark, 16-18 November 2016

Resources from different Unions used at the consultation and for use within unions and churches who want to have a conversation around this topic:

Consultation on Freedom of Religion or Belief

27-28 September 2015

Video material

  • Short overview report on FORB Consultation

  • Nigel Wright, short summary of his presentation 'Christianity and Secularism: Prospects and Possibilities'

  • Nigel Wright, 'Christianity and Secularism: Prospects and Possibilities'

  • Toivo Pilli, short summary of the presentation 'Religious Liberty: Our Baptist Heritage'

  • Toivo Pilli, 'Religious Liberty: Our Baptist Heritage'

  • Konstantin Nushev, 'Orthodox Perspective'

  • Göran Gunner, 'Questions for the Future'

Texts of Presentations

  • Nigel Wright, 'Christianity and Secularism: Prospects and Possibilities'

  • Tony Peck & Toivo Pilli, 'Religious Liberty: Our Baptist Heritage'

  • Göran Gunner, 'Questions for the Future'

  • Michael Rohde, 'Freedom of religion or belief. Three biblical encouragements and challenges of ancient times for today'

Symposium "Baptist Churches and Changing Society: Middle East Experience"

14-17 June 2012

  • Hanna Massad: My personal experience in Gaza and Jordan

  • Ishak Ghatas: Muslims in Belgium and a Christian Response

  • Perry W.H. Shaw: ENTREPRENEURS AND TRIBAL LEADERS. Cultural Issues in Organisational Leadership

  • Victor Ormanzhi: Evangelicals reaching out in Central Asia: A Moldovan Experience

  • Michael Rohde: An Image of Islam in German Evangelical Press: What should the Church say?

Symposium "Baptist Churches and Changing Society: West European Experience"

12-13 August 2011

  • Toivo Pilli: What is the West An East European perspective

  • Gunnar Bremer: Baptist churches and society in Germany - some insights

  • Mattias Neve: Baptist Churches and Nordic society A challenge for incarnated mission

  • Michael Kisskalt: Ethnic Churches and German Baptist Culture

  • Nabil K Costa: Baptist Churches on the crossroads of Western and Middle-East Cultures

  • Toivo Pilli: Summary of discussions

Symposium "Baptist Churches and Changing Society: Eastern-European Experience"

30 Sep - 2 Oct 2010

  • Gunnel Andréasson: Baptists and Society in Eastern Europe – A Swedish Perspective

  • Corneliu Boingeanu: How We Interpret Our Story? New Challenges for Romanian Baptists

  • Oļegs Jermolājevs: Latvian Baptists From 1990: New Beginnings

  • Alexander Popov: Russian Baptists and Sectarian Image in Society since 1990

  • Zbigniew Wierzchowski: Polish Baptist and Polish National Identity since 1980

  • Michael Rohde: Challenges for East German Baptists in Times of Change after 1989

  • Summary of discussion and comments

Related Publications

Communities of Conviction: Baptist Beginnings in Europe by Ian M. Randall

European Baptist Federation, 2009

Published by Neufeld Verlag

ISBN: 978-3-937896-78-6


Price €15

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Ian Randall, who comes from the north of Scotland, studied Economics and History at Aberdeen University, where he met and married Janice, who is a language teacher. After university, Ian worked in human resource management. He later trained at Regent's Park College, Oxford, and became a Baptist pastor. Since 1992 he has taught and has supervised research at Spurgeon’s College, London, and at the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague. He has published several books, including What a Friend we have in Jesus, The English Baptists of the Twentieth Century and Spiritual Revolution: The Story of OM. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


Ian Randall has given us the most comprehensive overview of Baptist life in Europe since the classic study of J. H. Rusbrooke in 1923. Born amidst persecutions and struggle, the Baptist movement has grown over the centuries into a diverse but vibrant expression of the Christian faith. A story masterfully told by a superb historian.

Timothy George Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama (USA) and a senior editor of Christianity Today


This fascinating volume is more than a compilation of the stories of the regional beginnings of the one European Baptist family; it is a testimony of the enduring grace and goodness of God to a missionary people called Baptist.

David Coffey President of the Baptist World Alliance


The more we are aware of our deep roots, the wider we can spread our wings to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. Easy to read and yet hard to digest when we realise just how rich and how challenging our heritage is, Randall’s book is more than a review of our past – it points to our current responsibility and our future calling as Baptists within the whole church of Jesus Christ.

Regina Claas General Secretary of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany


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