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Romanian Baptists Elect New Leadership

Ruben Ologeanu, Romanian Baptist Union - June 18, 2019

Romanian Baptists gathered from 24 to 25 May 2019 at First Baptist Church in Cluj to elect the new Executive Committee of the Union of Christian Baptist Churches of Romania for the next four years.

On this occasion, the 707 delegates from Romanian Baptist churches decided to give the opportunity to serve the believers to the following pastors: Viorel Iuga - President, Ioan Ardelean - General Secretary, Otniel Bunaciu - Vice President (Mission), Paul Negruț - Vice President (Education), Mihai Micula - Vice President (Pastoral Care), Corneliu Peleașe - Deputy General Secretary and Pal Borzași - Vice President on behalf of the Hungarian Convention.

The general theme of the 37th elective Congress was "United in Christ for missions" and it was inspired from Matthew 28:19-20. Also the messages delivered here were related to the Great Commission through which Jesus instructed His disciples to make disciples from all nations.

Romanian baptists are spread not only in their own country, but also all over Europe where they live in large communities and have the opportunity to bring the baptist faith to their Romanian fellows.



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