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Prayer Calendar | Romania

4 December - 10 December 2023

Baptist Union of Romania

  • Pray for the Baptist Union of Romania and its 1 722 member churches.

  • Pray for the churches and leaders of the union — Viorel Iuga (President) and Ioan Ardelean (General Secretary).

  • Pray for the country of Romania and for its people.

Convention of the Hungarian Baptist Churches of Romania

  • Pray for work with young people, where we see much life and enthusiasm, but there is a need for renewal in repentance, holiness, experiencing true worship in Spirit and truth.

  • Thank God for the women's ministry and for Esther magazine, which is an encouragement to Hungarian sisters all over the country and abroad. Pray for the conferences and programs already planned for this year, and pray for the work among single women and for the groups of the "Praying Mothers" ministry.

  • Thank God for the blessings experienced in ministry with the Roma people. Pray that Roma churches will be strengthened in faith.

  • Pray for the Bible Olympics 2023-2024 project organised by the children department. Pray that as children learn the Bible knowledge, they will be truly touched and transformed by God's Word.

  • Pray for the mission of planting a Hungarian Baptist church in the city of Carei. May God bless the calling and work of the Olah family.

  • Pray for the construction of the Cserepka János Education Center in Borla, Sălaj County where it will house the headquarters and Bible School of the Sălaj Mission Department.

  • Pray for the construction work at Falcon Rock Christian Camp in Șinteu, that God will remove obstacles and take care of the finances to complete the construction.

  • Pray that God will cheer the churches with new converts and the homecomings of prodigal sons.

  • Pray for young pastors to remain faithful in their call, and shepherd the churches with wisdom, humility, and the power received from the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray for workers in churches and for the churches without a pastor and villages without an evangelical church.

  • Pray that for the construction of churches of Fughiu and Beiuș.


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