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Prayer Calendar | Israel & Palestine

18 October - 24 October 2021


  • Pray for the Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land and the leadership, Munir Kakish (President) and Nihad Salman (General Secretary).

  • Pray for the Council Elections on the 6th of November. Pray that God's will be done.

  • Pray for leaders to be encouraged in such times so that they can encourage others.

  • Pray for the youth to stay faithful, although conferences are paused due to COVID-19. Pray that the youth programmes can start again next year.

  • Pray for permits by Israeli to be granted to our church members so they can enter Israel.


  • Pray for the pastors and ministers, as well as their families. In the aftermath of COVID-19, many pastors have a sense of failure. One of the reasons is the decrease of committed church attendees. There is an overall sense of lukewarmness, in addition to some who have financial struggles. Pray for revival in churches as they begin to gather again after the restrictions.

  • Pray for the end of the violence that is ailing the Arab community in Israel. Since the beginning of the year, more than 100 people have been killed in the Arab community. This violence has affected one of our pastors; his car was set on fire, and he had to leave his home and rent somewhere else.

  • Pray for the church in Rama. The ministry there began to flourish as they returned to their building after 20 years of a legal battle. There is still much work to be done — to equip the facility better for ministry.

  • Pray for the young people in Israel. They are faced with more challenges now than ever. Pray for wisdom for the youth leaders and pastors as they guide these young people through their turbulent spiritual walk. Pray for the leadership training where the Association of Baptist Churches (ABC) trains young people and prepares them for leadership roles in their churches.

  • Pray for the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel. As an organisation that supports churches in Israel, we are actively developing and growing our ministry to reach more people with the Gospel and serve the Body of Christ better.


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