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Prayer Calendar | Cyprus

24 June - 30 June 2024

  • 2023 Larnaca - Pas Dilip Samadhanam is the Pastor at Larnaca's new branch church from 2023. Pray for this church as it is expanding well with new souls.

  • In 2022, at the Limassol branch church, we couldn’t pay church rent continuously so we were asked to move out and it’s been operating as a prayer cell group. It was established in 2023.

  • At Nicosia church, we planted a church in 2014, as we expanded we made two pastors responsible a. Pas Chandra Kumar, b. Pas Ranjith Kumar. Please pray for both pastors and their work.

  • Also, a well-established Sri Lankan church merged with us in 2023 and moved to a new building. Now funds as salary to pastor is by part-time work, so we expect a full-time pastor. If we have the potential to have a full-time pastor we can cover more on new souls.

  • Altogether 47 had been baptised since 2014, and in 2023 9 new souls. Almost 90% are Buddhists.

  • Pray for expansion with new souls to know God and support for pastors.


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