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Prayer Calendar | BWA Annual Gathering

8 July - 14 July 2024

Baptist World Alliance is a global network of 51 million Baptists in 128 countries in Networking the Baptist Family to Impact the World for Christ. This week, the BWA is hosting its annual meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. As we lift our hearts in prayer, let's remember this significant gathering where Baptist leaders from across the globe unite in worship, prayer, learning, relationship building, and shared ministry.

  • Pray for BWA staff to have strength and endurance as they work tirelessly to support and connect the global Baptist family.

  • Pray for Nigeria, the hosting country, that God may bless its people with peace, unity, and prosperity during and beyond the Baptist World Alliance meeting.

  • Pray for fruitful collaboration during the gathering, that Baptist leaders may unite in purpose, share wisdom, and strengthen each other in their mission to impact the world for Christ.

  • Pray for meaningful connections to be made, for lasting relationships and the support of each other in their shared mission.


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