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Prayer Calendar | Bulgaria

5 April - 11 April 2021

  • Politically, Bulgaria just held Parliamentary Elections on Sunday, April 4. The situation is unstable and it seems unlikely that a functional government is possible to be formed. Later this year, another round of elections are coming up, this time for President of the republic. Please pray that wisdom, compassion and fear of the Lord would be installed in the hearts and minds of all statesmen and political leaders.

  • Economically, it has been a challenging season. Many businesses suffered heavy blows due to several lockdowns during the past year. The country needs a working economy, with predictable development and wise financial decisions by the government.

  • Health-wise, Bulgaria is now passing the peak of its third coronavirus wave. With overloaded hospitals, with exhausted medical staff, with record numbers of deceased people, and with a very slow vaccination process, the horizon for exiting this situation seems dim. Please pray for hope and for healing.

  • Spiritually, the nation is in need of revival and return to the Lord. With Easter Day celebrations coming up on May 2, we intercede for more people to find Christ's face, experience His graceful hand and choose to follow His loving guidance.


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