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Prayer Calendar | Bosnia and Herzegovina

22 March - 28 March 2021

  • Pray for a fresh vision of the Union, for pastors and leaders that they can see and understand the importance of the Union and mutual support and fellowship.

  • Pray for a good and inspiring zoom / online annual gathering this year (at the end of May) and that it would be a blessing and encouragement to all the leaders, that we can get the Lord direction for the future and have a unity of vision.

  • Pray for the leadership of the Union, that God will raise other leaders who will continue with this important mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especial for the national – Bosnian people.

  • Pray for ongoing social and Evangelistic outreaches such as Winterhelp and Sawing course, Humanitarian work with refugees/migrants, kids club, street evangelism, seminars, etc so that more people would get to know Christ as their personal Savior, and that we continue to be faithful in proclaiming the Gospel.

  • Pray for Lord's protection over all the believers that despite the persecution we stand firm in Christ, the protection of buildings, property and leaders, as we often face challenges, together with this pray for the economic crises that we are passing through every day.

  • Pray for the building situation for Novi Travnik, Konjic (sale, equipping, purchasing). They are renting a space and it became very hard to continue.

  • Praise God for re-opening a church space in Tuzla and for a married couple from Holland who serves there. It is already a group of about 20 people who regularly gather for worship. There are two more Baptist groups/churches in Tuzla which are not in Baptist Union. Please pray for the reconciliation of the relationship between all of them and mutual respect and possible cooperation.

  • Praise God for the Bible School (BIKBCBH) and for the lay education that we are doing through zoom. Please pray for potential new emerging leaders for full-time program study, and for finances for this ministry, and the staff of this institute, especially for the dean and secretary.

  • Pray for the Covid-19 pandemic situation; a lot of the believers are scared and don't come to the services and they don't even have the internet to follow the service online, a lot of them lost their jobs. A large number of missionaries are leaving the mission field. We need strength and encouragement.

  • Pray for us personally as a family: God’s leading for our future, fresh vision & strength in ministry, support.


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