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National Pastors’ Conference in Hungary

Baptist Union of Hungary - November 18, 2019

The Baptist Union of Hungary held its annual Pastors’ Conference in Balatonszemes, Hungary on November 4-6, 2019.

The keynote speaker of the event was Meego Remmel, President of the European Baptist Federation. In his lecture having the title “Ethical issues faced by pastors” he emphasized that it is none other than Jesus Christ Himself who stands in the centre of Christian ethics. He is the One, who defines the character of men. It is in this way, that a person, who believes in Christ will become equipped to fulfil the ethical norms of the Bible, the Law of God.

In forum discussions, President Meego Remmel shared some information about the life of EBF - a community of Baptist fellowships in 52 countries – as well as some of his personal experiences. János Papp, President of the Baptist Union of Hungary spoke on changes in recent years in EBF and its current emphases. Kornél Mészáros, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Hungary shared some information on the most important current issues, while Missions Director István Durkó spoke on the ministry possibilities in social and health care institutions.

The conference closed with a moving fellowship around the Lord’s Table. Participating pastors will pass on in their home churches the spiritual joys of the conference as well as the messages received there.

The organisers of the conference, the Presidium of the Baptist Union of Hungary have expressed their gratitude to the Lord for the ministry of President Meego Remmel among us wishing the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ on his ministry among European Baptists. Photos: Baptist Union of Hungary



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