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Disciple-making in Albania

In May 2024 over forty of the Albanian Baptist family gathered in Durres on the Adriatic coast to spend time together with Peter Dunn (UK) and Benjamin Francis (India) from Biglife, a Disciple Making Movement with its roots in Asia. Biglife has seen significant church growth in Asia and is now seeking to apply the same biblical principles to the European context.

Over two days Peter and Benjamin shared some of the principles of how Jesus and the early church went about making disciples who in turn made disciples, and some simple tools that we can apply in our own lives. Toni Manelli of the Albanian Baptist Union said,

“I was very encouraged by the fresh stories that Peter and Benjamin used as a way to pursue obedience, and that even in a European context these principles are working too.”

Alan Donaldson of EBF was also with the group and said

“It is a joy to see people catch a vision of the calling of God on their life to make disciples. I pray that this will be the beginning of a fresh movement of God’s people in Albania.”

Biglife is in its relatively early days in Europe and seeking to contextualise the principles of disciple-making in the diverse cultures. Earlier this year Peter was in Türkiye serving the Baptist Family in that country as they seek to make Christ known and make disciples. Peter said,

“We are keen to serve wherever we can from some of the lessons that we have learnt in Asia about disciple making, but are rooted in the Bible. We do not simply want to come to train and leave, but rather to build supportive relationships over time in which we serve the Baptist family across Europe.”

You can contact Peter at if you want to find out more.


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