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Bulgarian Baptists Look to the Future

Vlady Raichinov, BU Bulgaria - March 25, 2019

The Bulgarian Baptist Union (BBU) held its regular election convention on March 15-16, 2019. Eighty church leaders delegated by almost all local Baptist Churches convened in the town of Kazanlak (in the center of Bulgaria) to accept a report for the past four-year mandate and to vote a new denomination board.

Having led the BBU for two consecutive mandates since 2011, the current union president Rev. Stoicho Apostolov stepped down in order to commit his efforts to pastoral ministry at Mladost Baptist Church, Sofia.

The new president of the Bulgarian Baptist Union is Rev. Theodor Oprenov, and the general secretary of the denomination is Vlady Raichinov. The convention also voted for a new Leadership Board consisting of thirteen people. Its mandate runs until 2023.

The 36th Congress of the BBU discussed themes like a refreshed vision for the development of the denomination, as well as new guidelines for its financial stabilization, administrative management and spiritual advancement. The overarching theme of the convention was “This Is How They Shall Know You’re Mine.” Pastor George Todorov and pastor Stoicho Nikov had prepared Bible Studies on the topic. The delegates also discussed the latest amendments in the nation’s Religious Act, as well as the new governmental guidelines for protection of personal data according to GDPR.

The convention was closed with a Lord’s Supper administered by all former presidents of the Baptist Union since the collapse of Communism. The delegates were reminded that only a week prior to their deliberations, the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance had somberly observed an anniversary of seventy years since March 8, 1949, when fifteen Evangelical pastor were sentenced to prison by the Communist authorities. With reverential consideration and firm determination to keep the faith, the Baptist delegates paid their tribute for the faithfulness of the previous generations and expressed their commitment to further their legacy with God’s provision and guidance.

The Bulgarian Baptist Union in Bulgaria was founded 111 years ago, on September 14, 1908. It is one of three denominations who constituted the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance back in 1909, and internationally it is a member of the European Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance.


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