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Prayer Calendar | Romania

6 December - 12 December 2021

Baptist Union of Romania

  • Pray for the Baptist Union of Romania and for all the 1,722 churches in its country.

  • Pray for the leaders of the churches and the leadership: Presidents (Viorel Iuga) and General Secretaries (Ioan Ardelean).

Convention of the Hungarian Baptist Churches of Romania

  • Thankful for a new wonderful chapel for the Hungarian Baptist Church in Timișoara.

  • Thankful for many children who participated in the Bible Olympics organised for Hungarian Baptist Children in Romania.

  • Thankful for ordaining three new Hungarian Baptist pastors in 2021 in the Convention in Romania.

  • Pray for effective evangelism, new converts and growth in the church.

  • Pray for children and families of pastors who lost both the pastor and spouse died due to COVID-19.

  • Pray for new students in the seminary with a call to the pastoral ministry.

  • Pray for two Hungarian Baptist Camps in Romania to continue their programmes with children, young people, and other adults (couples, pastors, ladies, disabled, etc.)


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