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Prayer Calendar | Czech Republic

7 March - 13 March 2022

  • Pray for the churches in Czechia that they may see the needs in their cities and communities to serve those who are in need and bring the Gospel to them — following the example of Christ. Many people in the country are open to anything "spiritual", but they have a negative view of a church.

  • Pray for spiritual hunger for Christ in Czechia and for Baptists to become good neighbours to others.

  • Pray for the churches to be prepared for the growing number of refugees. Thank the Lord for churches and individuals who help refugees from Ukraine. They are opening homes, helping with transportation and basic needs, fixing their cars, helping them become part of the country.

  • Pray for the new study program "Timoteus" which began this year for new preachers and church workers. The churches need to reach a new generation for the future.


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