God’s love in action – Jordan

The EBF together with mission partners help starting new Baptist congregations among Arabs who are receptive to the Gospel. Several indigenous workers are involved in this society transforming ministry in Jordan. It is a special joy to witness God’s love in action!

Baptists in Jordan

The Baptists of Jordan have developed a multifaceted ministry for the needy people, including a clinic, women center, vocational training, non-formal education for refugees, relief ministry and widows’ ministry. Instrumental role to assist the needy in the community plays the medical center in Zarka, which last year treated about 30 thousand persons, 2/3 being the Syrian refugees. God’s love and the gospel message are shared with the needy.

Rev. Suheil Madanat is the current President of the Baptist Convention in Jordan and he also pastors the First Baptist Church of Amman. There are 23 local Baptist churches in Jordan with a total membership of about 1500.

Church planting in Assalt

The Baptist Convention of Jordan has started several new congregations and this work is coordinated by pastor Samer Batarseh. Some of these mission projects are being facilitated by EBF Mission Partnerships and one of them is in Assalt (Al-Salt) - western part of the country, along the road from Amman to Jerusalem. The church planter Bahij has written in his reports:


Regular services are held, the main one on Wednesday evening, the attendance is about 45. Youth service is on Saturday, with the attendance of 30, teens are around 20 in number, and kids of Sunday school are 30 and more. There are a couple of bible study groups and a plan to start one more. Several persons are preparing for baptism in the near future and one couple will be married soon. There are three leaders involved in teaching and preaching. We offer theological courses for them and opportunities for practical training. Besides this we send them to conferences, where they can gain more knowledge. Recently, four of the youth leaders were sent to a conference to be trained in evangelism to teens, and came back very encouraged.


There was a decline in attendance, so we arranged a fellowship with a potluck dinner which was successful, as the Arab people love it. The gathering gave an opportunity to chat and worship God, which encouraged all. Following that, a Sunday School teacher took the advantage of a day off and took the kids out for a whole day. It was great joy to see those cute kids running around, playing and having fun. The Teenagers are very demanding and the strategy of ministry among them need to be changed.