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Discover our member bodies and churches in the network of region

Across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, EBF member bodies are responding to the needs and opportunities of displaced peoples.


The Commission on Migration exists to bring this network of Baptists together to share resources and mutually support each other in the important work of ministering with and alongside displaced peoples.

Image by Tim Mossholder


Mapping Exercise

After a mapping exercise that looked at how Baptists were responding to the influx of refugees in 2015/2016, a new mapping exercise has been launched in 2021. This exercise will give an updated view of the landscape of Baptist responses and help inform the areas of focus for the years to come.

To fill out a response to the mapping survey on behalf of your ministry or union, click here and submit before June 30, 2021. You can view the past mapping exercise here (updated 29 March 2016).



We work collaboratively with numerous partners across the world. Learn more about our partners and their work with displaced peoples below:

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