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We are committed to support the provision of good theological education

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Free Church DNA:

Priesthood of All Believers Decoded
01.-02. November 2024 / Tallinn, EST

The theological conference "Free Church DNA: Priesthood of All Believers Decoded" aims to explore and shed light on the unique theological essence ingrained in the free church tradition. By embracing the fundamental conviction of the priesthood of all believers, this conference intends to unravel the multifaceted dimensions of this concept and examine its implications for the ecclesiological, pastoral, and missional aspects of the free church identity.


The conference will cover topics and feature specialists addressing questions related to the biblical sources of the priesthood of all believers, historical perspectives on free church ecclesiology, ecclesiological implications, pastoral applications and challenges, missional paradigms, cultural relevance and diversity, contemporary challenges and opportunities, as well as theological and ecumenical dialogues and education concerning free church DNA and the priesthood of all believers.

Your participation is highly encouraged and welcomed!
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International Conference on Baptist Studies 


Baptists and Education 

Wednesday, 7 August – Saturday, 10 August, 2024 

Westminster College, Cambridge, UK 

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Believers Church Conference 2025

Radical Renewal? - Witnessing to a “New Heaven and a New Earth”


Sunday, June 1 – Wednesday, June 4, 2025

Amsterdam & Elspeet, The Netherlands


Participating organisations include: IBTS Centre, Faculty Religion and Theology VU Amsterdam, Dutch Baptist Seminary, Dutch Mennonite Seminary, Mennonite World Conference, EBF Commission on Theology & Education, Baptist World Alliance.

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