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Mission Partnerships

Expanding God's Kingdom in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia


New congregations have been established in the region, from the Arctic Circle via the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, to the Black Sea, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Throughout the last 20 years, EBF Mission Partnerships has helped start about 230 new congregations and at least 15,000 people have become new believers and members of these churches. Through these mission partnerships, God has been at work, changing lives and transforming communities.

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15 000



Church Planting

The European Baptist Federation with the generous help of its mission partners have developed a partnership to facilitate evangelism and the planting of new Baptist churches in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. The mission partners provide funding for suitably gifted people to work as evangelists and church planters in their own countries. The overall goal of our Mission Partnership (MP) programme is to unite Baptists in making Christ known among the diverse nations of Europe and the Middle East.

The experience of our MP confirms that indigenous missionaries are the most effective in their ministry. They know their people, culture and language, and that contributes to their good success. The MP is seeing significant fruit in changed lives and transformed communities.


EBF organises the Mission Partnerships in cooperation with the member Unions. An important principle of MP is that indigenous church planters are selected and supervised by local leaders. The MP is designed to last for 5 years. Following a start-up phase of two-and-a-half years, the outside support is reduced by 25% annually in the expectation of gradual financial involvement from local sources. The annual support of one church planter is in the range of € 3 000 to € 6 000 depending on the country.


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Working Together

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  • Baptist General Association of Virginia, USA

  • Baptist Insurance Company, UK

  • Baptist Union of Czech Rep.

  • Baptist Union of Finland (Swedish Speaking)

  • Baptist Union of Germany

  • Baptist Union of Hungary

  • Baptist Union of Great Britain

  • Baptist Union of Norway

  • Baptist Union of the Netherlands

  • Baptist Union of Poland

  • Baptist Union of Romania

  • Baptist Union of Scotland

  • Baptist Union of Switzerland

  • BMS World Mission

  • European Baptist Mission International

  • International Baptist Convention

  • Irish Baptist Networks

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