Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast Brings Together Political Opponents

Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast Brings Together Political Opponents

Pavel Unguryan, Ukraine - June 07, 2017

On June 1, Pavel Unguryan, a Baptist member of the Ukrainian Parliament and the coordinator of Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast hosted in conjunction with the parliamentarian prayer group the Sixth Ukrainian National Prayer Breakfast in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

The movement which started six years ago with a small group of people on Thursday gathered more than 500 delegates and became one of the most important spiritual events of Ukraine. Besides, many regions of Ukraine have also joined this tradition of having Prayer Breakfasts in the Capitol Buildings making it a country-wide movement.

The National Prayer Breakfast took place in the International Congress Centre that used to be a museum for the achievements of communist Lenin who wanted to uproot Christianity. It is a miracle that on Thursday it was used as prayer place with top leaders of the country to lift up the achievements of Jesus from Nazareth.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Groisman who attended the Prayer Breakfast for the second time stressed out the importance of gaining wisdom form God and coming to Him in prayer every morning.

The U.S. Congressman John Moolenaar presented his testimony and challenged the audience by asking if they were religious or knew Jesus personally.

There was a moving moment of reconciliation when political opponents came up to each other to give a hug and ask for forgiveness.

The inspiring message of Doug Burleigh about the teachings of Jesus and his eternal power to save and win hearts was a brilliant calling to all attendees to imitate Jesus in daily walk and life.

Another honourable speaker of the Prayer Breakfast was Vernon Smith –  an American professor, economist and Noble Prize Winner. He is also a co-author of a book about Reformation and the changes that have to take place through the church and the young people with right attitude. It is remarkable that professor Smith was invited by his Ukrainian Student Roman Sheremeta who went to study in his university in U.S. and became the # 1 economist in Ukraine.

Since June 1 was the International Children’s Day the young generation was the focus of the National Prayer Breakfast. Many messages were around the young generation and their future role in developing Ukraine as a country founded on the Rock. The room was half full of the young leaders who work as city commissioners, judges, law enforcement directors, mayors and even as key officials in the Cabinet of Ministers. They are the present and the future Ukraine. We strongly believe that God is preparing an army of dedicated young believers to bring about changes in the country both spiritual and material.