Finnish Baptist Union (Finnish speaking)

Finnish Baptist Union (Finnish speaking)

June 19, 2017


Number of churches: 14
Number of church members: 691
President: Jari Portaankorva

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Please remember in prayer:

1. Finnish Christian free churches (Adventists, Baptists, Free Evangelical Church, Pentecostals, Salvation Army, and Methodists) will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their joint Council SVKN the 23rd of June. SVKN is a forum to give free churches a common voice in matters both spiritual and mundane.

Starting in September the Council will also have a work group discussing regularly with the Finnish Ecumenical Council, and f. ex. sharing special concerns in their work as minority churches in our country.

2. During Summer time our churches will arrange camps for children, and young people. Camps have proved to be a good time for them to establish friendships, and to learn more about the Bible. Many young people make their decisions to become disciples of Jesus in camps.

3. We have just had our yearly Summer Conference (16.-18.6.) the third time together with the Swedish-speaking Baptists. The two Union separated in 1904 because of language problems. This is no more a hindrance because simultaneous interpretation is possible to arrange. Last year we celebrated together 160 years of Baptist history in Finland.